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What I did during the Pandemic

Last March, 2020, I was sitting on a beach in Mexico with friends and family when the Corona Virus blew up our world. Little did we know that our lives would never be the same again.

We kept hearing sketchy information about major sporting events that were being cancelled, schools closing down and travel being suspended to various countries. It was hard to comprehend the situation in the US because life seemed pretty normal in Puerta Vallarta....crowded beaches, sipping pina colada's from our chaise lounge and watching cruise ships come in and out of port.

We only heard the word "Corona" when it was ordered at a bar !!

We decided that we wouldn't rush home, because how bad could it be if we were stranded in our beachfront hotel? We waited until the end of the week for our flight and fortunately, there were no issues with travel back to the US and we arrived back in Colorado safe and sound, but with a few changes...Masks became the norm, we received weekly grocery deliveries, our meals revolved around which carryout restaurant to order from and Zoom was the latest and greatest form of communication.

What new outdoor activity could we engage in?

I took up golf, walked the street of Castle Pines Village for exercise, ordered an Echelon Bike, skied (when I could get a reservation), learned pickleball, played tennis, spent some time on the Blue River seeking large Rainbow Trout (I did mention "large") and had socially distanced cocktails with neighbors on the driveway.

Fortunately I have an indoor hobby, so when I could not be outdoors, I spent my time inside with my knitting needles, creating hats. I have also found a new

supplier of some irresistible baby and kids hats...check out my website for the new merchandise.


Another new indoor activity for me was making potholders on a loom. Remember that loom you got for your birthday when you were 7 or 8 years old? It came with a bag full of colorful loops that you would weave together and VOILA.....the finished product is a colorful potholder. I enjoyed weaving almost as much as knitting, therefore, I've added potholders to the list of merchandise for sale.


I committed to participate in several markets around town to sell my merchandise in person. I decided on A Paris Street Market @ Park Meadows (Pictured above with my daughter, Molly, helping me out for the day) and Aspen Grove, the Friends of Littleton Museum and Rue De Noel in Castle Rock before Christmas.

You can check out where I will be selling on my website under the "Events & News" tab.

I am excited to announce that I finally found some local knitters to help me knit hats.....I will still pursue engaging entepreneurial women in foreign countries once Covid is under control in those countries.

As always...thank you to those who have supported Hats That Heal

100% of the net profits from merchandise sales is applied directly to breast cancer causes


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