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**Hand Made Goods are Unique**
Because each item is individually created and not mass-produced, I take
care to make each item as a unique piece, and rarely knit the exact pattern
or  color scheme twice.    
Due to the nature of hand made goods, minor flaws may exist, also.  
**What's  my Hat going to Look Like?**
The products shown on my website are the exact item that you will receive. 
This assures you that.....what you see is what you get !
Every category of each product is one size fits all.
Adult Hats are designed to fit 18"-24" head
Kids Hats are designed to fit 16"-22" head
Baby Hats are designed to fit 14"-20" head
**About the Materials **
I use a variety of yarn material, but generally they are acrylic based.  
All products are machine washable using cold water and set to delicate.  Please lay flat to dry but then can be "fluffed" in a cool dryer for 5 minutes.
All Hats are lined with a non-itch polyester fleece lining.
**Custom Orders**
If you have a special need and don't see it on  my website, please contact me for a custom order.  There is a 50% deposit for custom orders.  
 See the "Contact Me" page of this website.  
Gift Bags are provided with each order
Returns and full refunds are allowed if received within 14 days of order date
Please contact me before returning an item, so I can
process your return  quicker and more efficiently.
  No returns or refunds for custom orders


Hats That Heal is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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