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Time on my Hands

Hut trip to 10th Mtn Division Hut

The Corona Virus Pandemic took its toll on the social side of our lives, however, there were also some positive aspects of the quarantine.

-Maybe you cooked more

-Maybe you finished your first 1,000 piece puzzle

-Maybe you spent time playing some games with your family

-Maybe you cleaned out those old storage bins full of useless stuff

-Maybe you donated clothing so that others can enjoy the clothes that you haven't worn in years

-Maybe you sat down as a family to chat more

This photo is from our February, 2020 Hut Trip to one

of the many 10th Mtn Division Huts in Colorado.

A Hats That Heal fleece lined hat provided warmth

while ascending up to 13,000 ft in the middle of nowhere !!

Well... my pandemic time has been spent doing those same things PLUS knitting

(not shocking, right?).