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I know...I's been awhile since I've posted. I've been busy at work plotting the future of Knitwise Colorado. I've had a lot of feedback and think I'm off to a good re-start.

At my last post, I was deciding how to market my hats. I was lucky enough to have my products in 2 Holiday Bazaars and attained some great insight into changes that I need to make.

I've created this logo that I have created as a label to be sewn into each hat.

Here's what I've learned....

1. I need better packaging, needs to show my product, but be ready to look like a gift. Here's what I've come up with.

2. The wholesale market is not a bad place to be. I'm taking my baby hats to the Castle Rock Hospital gift shop to see if they are interested in carrying my line.

3. I've created "collections" of products which are based on style. Here's what I'll be introducing...

Apres Ski Double Diamond Cross Country Blizzard Groomer

4. I need a better social media presence..therefore I need to pick my daughters brains for some help.

5. I've upped my quality and am lining all my hats with fleece to make them warm & cozy

6. Finally..even though I'm OLD...I need to think YOUNG !!!

Thank you for all of your's greatly appreciated and am listening to your ideas !!!


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