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Knitting Machine = Cheating ???

When I first began to knit, I made everything using various sizes of knitting needles and probably didn't know that there is a machine that you use to make your knitting project go faster. It's not a perfect science and there are drawbacks, but a knitting machine is a nice addition for someone who likes to knit a lot.

Knitting machine (above) A Hat in process (above)


Can you tell which of these hats was hand knit vs machine knit? The trick is in the size & complexity of the stitch. The tighter/smaller stitched hats are machine knit. So the top right and bottom left hats and booties are knit with a machine. The complex stitches of the top left and bottom right hats could not be duplicated on a machine. The cabled hat, bottom middle,

would also be impossible to create on a machine.

Now, a knitting machine still requires a lot human's not 100% cheating, like you might think. The only task the machine does is combine the yarn as you slide a carriage back and forth across the needles. There is a large learning curve, or at least there was a large one for ME !!! The machine looks a bit complicated, but once you get the hang of how to set up the needles and determine your pattern, it's just as fun creating on the machine as it is using needles, although a bit less portable!.

Knitting machines are not widely being manufactured anymore, so you have to purchase used machines from EBay or other websites. In addition, there are little to no workshops you can attend to get one-on-one instruction. ;My knowledge has been gained watching YouTube videos, searching for books online and make a


So, is it worth it, you ask? SURE...learning something new, challenges your mind and I'm always intrigued to master new gadgets and I love acquiring unique hobbies.


I'm in the process of making some decisions about which shows/festivals I will be participating in thru the end of the year and will have that information in my next Blog...thanks for 'liking' my Facebook page and please visit my website I'm always open to hear your suggestions and comments.

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