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A Grizzly Encounter in Yellowstone

A 16 hour round trip weekend get-away to Yellowstone provided lots of knitting opportunities to add to my inventory, while passing the time between Denver and Yellowstone. The chill in the air allowed me one of my first chances this season, to try out one of my own hand-knit hats too !!!

If you are somewhere near my age, Yellowstone is a place most of us saw as a kid & my memories are mostly about how it smelled like rotten eggs and how crowded it was. Well, Yellowstone at the end of September is the place to be !!! Full of color, little to no crowds and fresh crisp air. We were a generation of so under the average age of most of the tourists and had a much zippier means of transportation than the large fleet of buses that the 70 & over crowd were being shuttled in.

Every corner that we rounded, we anticipated seeing cars stopped on the side of the road and readied our camera for the next wildlife action shot...hoping for a bear sighting. We saw lots of bison, a coyote leaping at it's next meal, and some elk. We weren't sure we were going to get a good look at a bear, especially as we left the gates of the Park, on our way to Jackson Hole...however we shortly came upon a HUGE traffic jam, 50 or so tourists with some very large camera lenses and a park ranger trying his best to keep the crowd at the regulation 100 yards away from a ravenous bear on the move.

What a way to wrap up our Yellowstone trip...and an enormous treat to spend a half hour watching this beast devour one of last meals before hibernation. A grizzly bear is a brown bear and the hump between it's shoulders, is your clue that it's a grizzly and not just your regular old brown bear.

BTW - These photos are from my awesome Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS60 camera...a little point & shoot with 24-720 mm of zoom. I shot these pics from over the 100 yard regulation distance from the animals.


I'm getting great feedback on my product designs & that provides me a lot of incentive to keep knitting. Thanks to everyone who has 'liked' my Facebook (Knitwise Colorado Creations) page and has subscribed to my Blog...please see my website to take a look at my inventory and subscribe to my Blog.


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