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The Birth of Stuffed Animal

Knitting stuffed animals is a lot of fun, but very time consuming. I knit my animals in 1 piece from the bottom up and stuff as I go, so there is not a lot of extra sewing involved.


The tricky parts are getting 2 limbs to look even and positioning ears and eyes so they are evenly balanced on the top of the head.. Something that starts off looking like a deflated jumble of knitting, ends up to be a cute horse with a mane and tail. My stuffed animals are not designed as playmates for children under 3 because some of the yarn can be pulled out and the collar is tied on, so please let the horse sit on the shelf until your child is old enough to play with it.



I'm looking forward to exhibiting my hand knit designs at the Mountain Pine Holiday Yuletide Bazaar in Parker Colorado on November 11, 2017 from 9am-4pm!

Parker Field House

8700 E Plaza Drive

(corner of Plaza & Dransfeldt)

Parker, CO 80134

There are over 100 artisans showing, so please stop by and get a head start on your

Christmas Shopping.!

This will be my first show, so I'm frantically purchasing display equipment, setting up credit card tools, creating banners & signs, etc...I promise to improve my planning and expose myself to more Holiday Shows next year.


The Weather is A-Changing

The weather is cooler with highs in just the 40's...time to warm up and treat yourself to a new hat and fingerless glove set for yourself. The gloves are open at the fingers to allow for room to manipulate your phone or radio buttons in your car. Please see my website

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