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I just returned from visiting all my girls, who live in San Francisco, Cleveland and Chicago. After over 100 degree weather in San Francisco, it was refreshing to arrive in Cleveland to the Fall Colors turning on the beautiful midwest trees. Chicago's weather was comfortable, clear and crisp.

With much anticipation, it's time to launch my website and announce my new venture !! My kids have all helped me establish my website and a Facebook presence, so now it's time to show my face.

A couple of years ago, my niece, also named Trece, had her first baby. I've needlepointed Christmas stockings for all my kids, so my grandniece shouldn't be left out. Since I was in the crafty mood, I decided that I'd teach myself to knit, so I could surprise her with some handmade baby blankets. In hindsight, I should have practice a bit more before giving out a gift, but I was excited to show what I made. Then the bug hit me.....I started to knit all kinds of blankets, hats, scarves, tank tops, sweaters, you name it !! After I ran out of people to gift my masterpieces to, I still kept knitting for the fun of it. My husband suggested that I start a business out of it because I was going to knit anyways, so why not create a brand and sell my works.

Here we are, a couple years later and I've invested in a fancy knitting machine to produce some of my products, lots of yarn & needles for my handmade goods and I'm now launching my business...Knitwise Colorado Creations !!

I'm not sure where this will take me, but I'm having fun and hope to have some success.

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