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My Big Hog

2018 - 28" Rainbow 2017 - 27" Rainbow 2016 - 26" Rainbow

I've been known to catch a decent sized fish or two in my day, but this particular day in July of this year was my personal best...28" Rainbow. Beautiful fish ! Catch and Release, so next year, when this beauty is about 32", I hope to have another chance !

For the last 3 years, my husband and I have attended Fly Festivus.....a fun competition on private water at Boxwood Gulch (just past Bailey, Colorado), hosted by 5280 Anglers. An entire day is spent stalking these MONSTERS and each year the prize catch gets bigger and bigger. I'd love to say that it's all about my skill and fine fly fishing technique, but I know otherwise that luck plays a huge role in landing the big one !

I just hope my luck doesn't run out soon

Believe it or not, my 28" beauty wasn't the biggest fish caught that day...

We will be road-tripping throughout Colorado for our summer vacation, which includes a float fly fishing trip down the Lower Gunnison River, so I have one more chance to document my skills and add to my fish photos.

I'm not the only fisherman in the family, as my husband, Pete landed this beautiful trout, near the end of the day !

Pete is a humble guy, becoming a fisherman later in life, and his motto is that "I won't catch the most fish or the biggest fish, I just want to catch the first fish"

This year, I think he beat me out on the first and the most !!


Hats That Heal was formed so that I could combine a few of my favorite past-times fishing and knitting,

I have chosen to support Casting for Recovery and provide handmade knitted hats to retreat participants.

What a great organization that provides free fly fishing retreats for women with breast cancer.... a weekend of bonding, information and support.... a weekend of pampering, challenge and accomplishment.

I was amazed by the dedicated volunteers that provided this opportunity and the enthusiasm of the participants to leave their disease at home.

Although I use a basic pattern for sizing, each hat is unique in design and color. For any knitter who might like to join me and knit hats, I provide a detailed pattern, but do not restrict your creativity....I'd love a partner !

I look forward to attending another Casting for Recovery Retreat this year and should have loads of great photos to share.

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